The ROI Golden Rule Exception


PILMMA members know that I’m a real stickler when it comes to return on investment (ROI). If you can’t track it, I say don’t do it. You have to know how much each marketing channel – each lead source –

5 Crazy Hacks To Clickbait Your Law Firm Web Content


Do you ever ask yourself why you clicked on a web link? You may have noticed that there are some websites that have become masters in the art of ‘clickbaiting’. According to Oxford Dictionaries, the definition of “clickbait” is: “(On

Turning First Class Into Last Class


It’s a week since it happened, but when I think back to how angry I was at the time, I can feel the blood vessels in my forehead start to throb. Looking back, I’ve had a chance, with a calmer

“Yes, But My Law Firm Is Different”


Dear Alison, I wanted to write to you after our phone conversation this morning, when you fired me as your marketing consultant. I didn’t take it personally when you said that what I suggested wouldn’t work for you, because your

15 Minutes A Day To Improve Your Law Firm


I remember a few years ago when everyone started to take LinkedIn more seriously and I realized that I needed to as well. However, like most things involving technology, I had no clue where to start. Like many others, I

Quadruple Your Caseload – Increase Conversions Without Spending A Dime!


I’ve written before about the importance of tracking and improving how you convert leads into clients. Well, earlier this month I spoke to one PILMMA member who has achieved phenomenal results by refusing to be complacent. This member told me

Why I Sent Out Over 1,000 Valentines Cards


Do you dread Valentine’s Day? Or do you look forward to the opportunity to let your significant other know how much you care about them? Sure, I’ve been stung by a few overpriced Valentine’s restaurant dinners over the years, but

Super Bowl 2015 Ads: Marketing 101 For Lawyers


The Deflationgate ruckus never disappeared but on Sunday we were treated to a glorious game of football and a feast of one-off commercials. The London Telegraph, in an article titled “11 Reasons Why The Super Bowl Sucks,” claims that the

PILMMA Exclusive: Robert Kraft Says He Won’t Let Deflategate Distract Him From His Gameplan


Super Bowl Sunday approaches and everybody is talking about the same thing… deflated footballs. I was looking forward to sitting down to a great afternoon of football – a chance to switch off and relax after working all the way

3 Keys To Managing A Successful Law Practice

spinning plates

This week I am joined by Ken LaVan from LaVan & Neidenberg to discuss what it takes to successfully manage a growing law firm.

Bill de Blasio’s Problems Remind Us – Hoping And Praying Is NOT A Strategy For Success


Criminal attorneys in New York are having a hard time right now. According to the Washington Post, the unofficial slowdown by the NYPD meant that only 23 tickets were issued for minor offences during Christmas week, and zero handed out

Whether You’re Fishing For Mahi Or For Clients, You Need The Right Bait


Happy New Year! I was fortunate to be able to squeeze in a little time away between Christmas and the New Year and headed down to Florida to do some fishing. There weren’t large crowds of people so it was

New Year’s Resolution: Eat An Elephant


It’s New Year’s Eve and that means lots of Facebook posts from people declaring their New Year’s Resolutions. So there will also be admissions of failure to stick to those same resolutions, posted in the coming days and weeks. It’s

More Facebook Changes – Is Your Law Firm Prepared?


Nothing stays the same on social media and there are big changes coming on Facebook in the new year. If your law firm isn’t prepared, you could suffer a big dip in traffic, leads and clients. To find out exactly

Don’t Get Your Law Firm In A Bind: Binder & Binder’s Lesson For Every Law Practice Owner


Running a successful law firm can be a lonely job. There are so many plates to keep spinning. You have to figure out how to keep attracting new clients while you manage a team who will deliver great service to

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