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Avoid the Pitfalls of Social Media

Social media seems to be taking over the world these days.  Most people we know have at least a Facebook and Twitter account. In fact, for many this seems to be the preferred form of communication these days. It would make sense that social media would trickle down into the work place as well.  Sure, many firms have their own social media sites Read more [...]

Is Your Law Firm in the TV Danger Zone?

As you probably know, PILMMA founder and president Ken Hardison is also a Personal Injury and Disability lawyer from Raleigh, N.C. who has been practicing since 1982.  He began marketing on television in 1998 and took his firm from 2 lawyers and 3 staff to 13 lawyers and 42 staff in less than 6 years.  During that same period he increased his revenues Read more [...]

How to Take Control of Your Practice by Creating Vision and Mission Statements

Know where you want to go? As we discussed in last week’s Tip of the Week, knowing where you want your practice to be in the future is the first and most important step in successfully expanding your firm. In order to help determine what kind of practice you are building or which route to take in the future, you should create a Vision and Mission Read more [...]

Implementing a Realistic Electronic Use Policy

Facebook, Twitter, Fantasy Football, personal email and many other websites are accessed by employees on a daily basis. This can greatly affect productivity or worse – it could put your firm in jeopardy of an unwanted scandal (if unsolicited sites are accessed), and don't forget the potential danger of viruses – these could wreck your whole database! Every Read more [...]

Selling Pieces of Law Firms to Investors

Can you imagine getting a will prepared in a Wal-Mart? Sounds outrageous but it may not be that farfetched! England is now allowing groups other than lawyers, to own and control law practices. Some of England’s major retailers have started offering legal services in their stores and online. The United States chief legal ethics authority intends Read more [...]

Bendable Phones?!

Mobile technology is advancing at an alarming rate! The latest mind-blowing innovation in the smartphone world is flexible screens! Yes, you read that correctly… flexible screens. How amazing is that? Nokia demoed a handheld device that allows you to bend and twist the screen to complete actions such as scrolling and zooming. Samsung also stated Read more [...]

Ghost Calling: Not Just for Halloween

The biggest responsibility for your receptionist is answering the phone in a professional, friendly and welcoming manner. You also want your receptionist to sound comforting and truly interested in what the caller has to say. You want your receptionist to convey the message that your firm is professional, friendly, and ready to help in any way. Read more [...]

Selling Pieces of Law Firms to Investors

Can you imagine getting a will prepared in a Wal-Mart? Sounds outrageous but it may not be that farfetched! England is now allowing groups other than lawyers, own and control law practices. Some of England’s major retailers have started offering legal services in their stores and online. The United States chief legal ethics authority intends Read more [...]

Ruby Receptionist

Virtual Receptionists: A "New" Alternative to Full-Time Hires Don’t have the funds for a full time receptionist in your budget this year? Could you use an extra hand answering phone calls? There is an answer for both of these dilemmas. The receptionist is the first point of contact with potential and current clients. So you want to ensure someone Read more [...]

State Bar Crackdown on Lawyers’ Blogs?

The Virginia State Bar is sending out the message loud and clear that blogging about cases online is "inappropriate advertising". The Bar is currently charging Horace Hunter, a Richmond criminal defense attorney, with misconduct. Hunter posted blogs addressing past cases he worked on regarding relevant national and local criminal justice issues. Read more [...]

“The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated!” – William James

Do You Know Who the Most Successful Referral Marketer of All Time Is?   His name is Joe Girard. Joe was so successful at generating sales through referrals that he was named by the Guinness Book of the World. Records as the #1 salesperson in the world. He won this distinguished title 12 years in a row!   Who was Joe Girard?   Joe Read more [...]

Social Media: Future or Fad for attorneys?

Here in the U.S. Facebook now tops Google for weekly site traffic. What this means for the way information reaches consumers is astounding. Social media is taking the marketing world by storm and those who are not adapting are being left behind. This week in my Bright Idea I’m sharing a video with you that truly depicts how social media continues Read more [...]

Optimize Your Internet Marketing with Conrad Saam

At this year’s Spring Summit, Conrad Saam will be presenting the fundamentals of SEO (search engine optimization), improving the results of your internet marketing and how to manage your online reputation. Read more [...]

Sandie Wike Will Multiply Your Leads!

Sandie Wike will be teaching the importance of database and automated marketing, and the value of multi-step follow-up systems at the PILMMA Summit in Atlanta. If you miss this you are guaranteed to miss out on signing new leads! Read more [...]

Synergize Your Marketing with Harlan Schillinger

The rising popularity of smartphones has affected the internet marketing game. At this year’s Spring Summit, Harlan Schillinger will teach you to synergize your marketing, so your TV, internet and mobile marketing are all working together. Read more [...]

Settlements Build Fees, Relationships Build Value

It’s easy for large firms to think short term and not build personal relationships with clients. But what about the average personal injury or disability lawyer? Building personal relationships with clients turns them into referral factories! With each satisfied client you build a relationship with, your caseload grows exponentially. Watch the Read more [...]

The Celebrity Lawyer Dishes the Dirt

We are gearing up for our Spring 2011 Summit in Atlanta and so are our speakers! I just had a video conference with Nick Nanton “The Celebrity Lawyer”. He is very excited to meet you all and wanted to give you an overview of what he will be teaching you at the Summit. In his presentation “How to Become a Local Celebrity and Increase Your Read more [...]

Spencer Aronfeld’s New Book is a Must Read for New Lawyers

“Make It Your Own Law Firm” by Spencer Aronfeld has finally hit the shelves and during this rough time in our economy, every law student and recent graduate should be picking up this book. I mean, let’s face it even the most talented law students are having a hard time finding jobs these days. Spencer has been self-employed, running his own firm Read more [...]

Keep the Peace with Partners While Increasing Your Marketing Budget

Trying new things to invigorate your marketing plan is key to keeping things fresh. However many partners will not want to dish out the money to expand and try new avenues. In the video above I explain how to avoid the budget battle and ensure your marketing strategy is infused with new material. Read more [...]

Don’t be Shy – Networking is a Must!

As our Spring Summit approaches and we are busy making the final preparations for our event in Atlanta, I always make sure we block out time for our attendees to mingle and network. Even though our speakers will be providing invaluable information to our participants, time to share ideas and make new business connections can be just as important – Read more [...]

Connect with Your Clients Using Your Newsletter

Newsletters - we all write them and send them to our clients, but does anyone actually read them? Well, if it’s full of information about your current cases, the answer is probably no. In the video above I tell you how to write an effective newsletter that will help you connect with clients, and make them want to recommend you their family Read more [...]

Use Facebook Promotions and Sweepstakes to Market Your Law Firm

Last Monday, the popular social networking site Facebook announced they will be easing the restrictions they put in place for online marketers last year. These restrictions impeded the ability of small and medium size businesses, such as personal injury law firms, to run promotions and sweepstakes on their brand pages, discouraging positive consumer-brand Read more [...]

What is Spokeo? (and how to delete your profile)

How would you feel if everybody with access to the internet (including your clients and past clients) had access to your personal information? Things like your address, your phone number, the amount you paid for your house, its square footage, names of your children and much more, all accessible on one website for anyone that wants to look you Read more [...]

A Secret to Marketing to Your Law Firm’s Database of Contacts

By now you probably understand the importance of sending your law firm's newsletter, birthday cards, holiday cards, etc. to your list of past and existing clients. BUT, are you doing this same thing with the people that contacted your law firm and either didn't hire you or you didn't end up taking the case? Why not?! The biggest challenge Read more [...]

PILMMA Adds Michael Swanson to Advisory Board!

I'm very happy to announce that we have a new addition to PILMMA's Advisory Board. Michael Swanson, President and CEO of Advocate Capital, Inc, was officially added to PILMMA's Advisory Board on Monday, December 20th. Mike adds an entirely new mix of expertise, law firm finance and management, to our already impressive panel of Advisory Read more [...]

Celebrate The Holiday Season By Giving Back to Your Law Firm’s Clients

I'd like to share this week's PILMMA Tip of the Week with as many lawyers as possible, so I posted this video on my blog, opposed to the private web page I usually send out to PILMMA members. Everyday, we hear our client's stories of injury and misfortune. Unfortunately, during this time of year, many of our clients with children are unable to Read more [...]

Convert More Prospects into Clients with Email Follow-ups and Autoresponders

In the past, I've talked a lot about the importance of signing up new prospects within 24 hours of the initial contact. After 24 hours, your chances of signing up that case will decrease dramatically. In order to stay at the top of the prospects mind, you MUST follow-up with them regularly! So what's one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to Read more [...]

Use Google Alerts to Manage Your Online Reputation

A lot of lawyers are spending big money on companies that will help manage your online reputation. But, there is one FREE tool that many lawyers haven't started using that will at the least keep you in the loop anytime you, your law firm, or any of your attorneys are brought up online. Read the rest of this entry »

Getting Your Law Firm Where You Want it to Be Comes Down to Taking Action!

My Promise and Guarantee to Lawyers Looking to Grow Their Law Firm! A lot of attorneys get so caught up in the daily tasks it takes to keep your law firm running, you have little-to-no time left to work on what it really takes to "GROW your law firm". And trust me, I've been there! Not only is this the #1 reason law firms end up shutting their Read more [...]

Marketing to Callers “On Hold”

Here's a great way to... 1. Cross sell other areas of your law practice 2. Re-purpose your advertising 3. Market to a captive audience When someone calls into your law firm and reaches your receptionist, chances are they'll be placed "on-hold" for at least 15 seconds during that call. Hopefully you're at the least, keeping that caller Read more [...]
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