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Facebook Changes Promotion Regulations

Please enjoy our repost from Kim Walsh-Phillips. Facebook has updated its Page Terms to allow businesses to administer promotions directly on their page's timeline and Kim has outlined the benefits. Kim is the award-winning Speaker, Author, Strategist and CEO of IO Creative Group, a results-driven marketing and PR agency. Kim enjoys spreading her Read more [...]

The Plus Side of Google+

A few months back we blogged about Google+ and all of its cool features. Well, it seems there are some valid marketing reasons to integrate Google+ into your marketing mix. If you are concerned that your “target audience” isn’t there yet, think again. Here’s the thing - Google+ is Google. This means if your target audience uses Google for search, Read more [...]

Google+ Puts Facebook on Notice

Google announced on Wednesday that users will steadily begin to see some new features added throughout the social network and in doing so they beat Facebook to the punch.  Apparently Facebook was expected to announce some changes of their own soon, but Google+ has put the social network king on notice. In an effort to “run with the big dogs” Read more [...]

Avoid the Pitfalls of Social Media

Social media seems to be taking over the world these days.  Most people we know have at least a Facebook and Twitter account. In fact, for many this seems to be the preferred form of communication these days. It would make sense that social media would trickle down into the work place as well.  Sure, many firms have their own social media sites Read more [...]

Is Your Law Firm in the TV Danger Zone?

As you probably know, PILMMA founder and president Ken Hardison is also a Personal Injury and Disability lawyer from Raleigh, N.C. who has been practicing since 1982.  He began marketing on television in 1998 and took his firm from 2 lawyers and 3 staff to 13 lawyers and 42 staff in less than 6 years.  During that same period he increased his revenues Read more [...]

State Bar Crackdown on Lawyers’ Blogs?

The Virginia State Bar is sending out the message loud and clear that blogging about cases online is "inappropriate advertising". The Bar is currently charging Horace Hunter, a Richmond criminal defense attorney, with misconduct. Hunter posted blogs addressing past cases he worked on regarding relevant national and local criminal justice issues. Read more [...]

Google+ vs. Facebook and What Lawyers Should Do

Google+ is one hot topic! Last week we gave PILMMA Members a Tip of the Week on how to use Google+ to market their firms . Many say it's the next big thing and that Facebook's 15 minutes of fame is almost up. We thought we'd follow it up with this week's Bright Idea and share a chart we find helpful in understanding Google+ vs. Facebook. Facebook Google Read more [...]

How Law Firms Can Use QR Codes

Recently, these funny looking black and white boxes have popped up everywhere and on everything. QR codes are the new technology darling of the marketing world. But I do not think these little boxes are a trend, I believe they are here to stay. First, QR codes will last because you can share much more valuable data than with traditional barcode.  Second Read more [...]

What do clients think you are?

Who are you? Better yet – who do your clients think you are? This week’s Bright Idea is about potential clients seeing, knowing and trusting you based on your Social Media persona. The best suggestion I can make to you is to “humanize” yourself. This means including more than just your headshot or law school resume. Show potential clients Read more [...]

Social Media for attorneys is here to stay!

This week's Bright Idea is our follow-up to last week’s post "Social Media: Future or Fad?" Thank you to those who commented and contributed to this discussion.  Everyone is in agreement that social media is here to stay! But what do we do next? Social media is constantly changing, requiring us to be open and willing to take risks. Lawyers Read more [...]

What is Spokeo? (and how to delete your profile)

How would you feel if everybody with access to the internet (including your clients and past clients) had access to your personal information? Things like your address, your phone number, the amount you paid for your house, its square footage, names of your children and much more, all accessible on one website for anyone that wants to look you Read more [...]
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